Categories of Body Sensation Associated with Behavior Change

by Shinzen Young


Qualities associated with
doing the behavior

Qualities associated with
abstaining from the behavior


Guilt and
other "aftermath" flavors

Physical flavors
(hunger, withdrawal symptoms, etc.)

Emotional flavors
(Anger, fear, sadness, agitation, loss, etc.)


Fantasy pleasure
("Euphoric recall",
"temptation pleasure")

Freedom pleasure,
empowerment pleasure

Steps involved in working with these sensation categories

  1. Detect which one or several of these qualities are present in each moment.
  2. Be precise with regard to locations, shapes, and intensities of these qualities in each moment.
  3. Infuse each quality with gentle matter-of-factness.
  4. If possible, become fascinated with "flow" qualities until…
  5. The drive to do the behavior dissolves into the "flavor of purification."

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